Footloose were founded in the Arnold area of Nottingham in 1986, initially as a club for single people aged 25-40. Nowadays most members are in their 50s or older and a mix of couples and singles and we are actively looking to recruit new members, especially younger ones.

We organise a walk every Sunday in the Peak District or the wider East Midlands. These walks are usually 8-12 miles long, with a stop for a picnic lunch, or occasionally an option to have lunch at a pub or café.

We also run ‘Extra’ walks on the third Tuesday of every month, normally in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire. These walks are shorter (up to 7 miles), at a more leisurely pace and are usually followed by a visit to a local tea shop.

Two or three times a year we venture further afield for a long weekend away. Places we’ve been to include Yorkshire, the Lake District, Wales, Devon, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

We’ve even been abroad for special events:- To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the club we spent a week in the Mercantour National Park in France, culminating in the ascent to the 3050m high summit Mont Pelat, the highest mountain in Provence. Not to be outdone, for the 25th anniversary we spent a week in Zermatt, Switzerland, which included a walk up the Matterhorn to the 3260m high Hörnli hut – This is a Footloose altitude record!